1. Lebanon

From the recording Beautiful

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I didn't know what was going on
in the summer of '72
I was only 5 years old
how could I have a clue?
I'd never heard the 'N' word
'til someone called me one
I just thought that my good friends
were deeply colored by the sun
from playing outside too long
I'm just poor white trash from Lebanon

Well, I've been around the world now
I've seen quite a many things
but I was running from all the brokenness
that little town can bring
See, I was never popular
was made fun of all the time
just because my father left
and we didn't have a dime
we were poor white trash
in Lebanon.

I ran so far and I ran so fast
I found myself alone
now I'm dealing with the aftermath
of never staying home
but I had to chase this dream of mine
try to catch it before I die
and now I really miss my family
and I'm running out of time
and I'm a long long way from Lebanon

Please tell my mom I love her
I think of her every day
and that I'm sorry if I failed her
in any kind of way
I know now that she did her best
raising four kids on her own
and I still have nothing to show
for anything I've done
I'm still poor white trash from Lebanon