Isn't "BIO" short for "Biography? " 


I was born.. and 51 years later, I still don't know why.  My father left us when I was a year and a half old. We moved. We were poorer than most; I remember that... I remember never having a good pair of shoes until I was 17 and was sent into the Army. I remember learning how to play guitar in the Army.  I also remember a lot of really bad shit from the time I was a year and a half old until I was 17 and I remember a whole lot of good and bad shit since then. 

My music is essentially my bio.... I don't write songs to impress people.... I write songs because a songwriter is who I am... it's who I was born to be...I wrote my first melody to the "Golden Rule" when I was 7.  I was born to be a poet , but I'm not allowed to be in this world. In this world I have to unclog toilets, breathe in harmful mold spores and harmful vapors from paints.... I have to break my fingernails that I use to pick my guitar.  I have to bruise the hand that I use to chord on a guitar.  Wny? Because people who were born to build; they have friends who blow smoke up their asses and tell them that they are great they draw a crowd and get paid gigs while people like me and many others are forced to do their jobs so we can eat . 

I'm not the "premier" anything.... I'm just a guy with a guitar writing songs about a life that only I will ever care about..... and if you don't like what you hear...  I'll give you your money back :p